Soap Bubble Photography is a process that many people experiment with and find solutions for acheiving the magical formations and colors that float within the layers of a soap bubble.  If you Google search or YouTube seach the phrase soap bubble photography you will find many examples.


My process is simple yet also complex.  I worked very hard on developing the process hence I am not willing to share a blow by blow example.  I will share with you that it is a combination of the soap mixture, lighting and camera settings that when combined correctly can produce awesome images that many believe is digitally enhanced, but is not.


The solution I use is a combination of water, dish washing detergent and glycerin.  Using a straw I blow a dome shaped bubble with an array of lighting surrounding the bubble that brings out the details.



This bubble was blown as a dome with many other bubbles blown surrounding it.  I then crop the image in photoshop, duplicate the image and vertically flip it.

In Photoshop I then combine both sides together.

Once both sides are evenly brought together, I rotate the image 90 degrees.

And there you have your bubble.


TIPS - The camera settings are tricky depending on how strong your light sources are.  Like most photography, it is a dance between shutter speed, F Stop and ISO settings.  Because I only shoot in Manual Mode and in RAW, when processing RAW images in Photoshop or Lightroom, you must enhance your contrast and apply some sharpening and noise reduction.


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